Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 now has CoD Points, and you may be wondering what you spend them on. This quick guide explains the basics of CoD Points and how they can be used in the first few weeks after launch.

What are CoD Points in Black Ops 4?

As is that the case altogether recent decision of Duty games, CoD Points are a premium currency that can be purchased via the in-game store with real-world money. If you happened to pre-order Black Roman deity four, buy the Black Ops Pass or own a special edition, you may also get a small purse of CoD Points to spend how you choose.

For everyone else, here are the prices for CoD Point packs:

200 CoD Points : $2.99
500 CoD Points: $4.99
1,100 CoD Points : $9.99
2,400 CoD Points : $19.99
You can purchase CoD Points in-game by choosing the Black Market from the most menu and pressing the selected button to “purchase CoD Points” whereas within the store.

What Are CoD Points Used For?

As of at once, CoD Points have three primary uses:

Buy Special Orders: In addition to the Free Contraband Stream, Special Orders are cosmetic packs tied to specific characters. Prices vary supported what is within the pack, but as of now, the costs are 500 and 800 CoD Points respectively. Special Orders refresh every few days and unlock via tiering up after they’re purchased. If you buy multiple Special Orders at once, you can only tier one at a time. Thankfully, you have an unlimited amount of time to unlock everything you buy.

Buy Contraband Tiers: a hundred CoD Points may also be accustomed to purchase individual tiers of Contraband or event progression. However, in order to purchase a specific tier, you must unlock or purchase every tier below it. In theory, it costs $200 worth of CoD Points to unlock an entire Contraband stream without gameplay.

Blackjack Shop Cosmetics: Blackjack’s Shop is expected to debut later this month. This is wherever you will be able to directly purchase varied restricted cosmetics victimization CoD Points. We’ll do our best to add more info as it becomes available.
That’s all you wish to grasp regarding CoD Points in Black Roman deity four for currently.

Call of Duty: Black Roman deity four is accessible currently on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
How can you be defrayment your CoD Points in Black Roman deity 4? Did you buy any of the Special Orders? Tell us in the comments section!