Ripe pineapple is healthy and it is fun to eat. You can easily add it to your diet or use it as a drink to enjoy pineapple health benefits. You can eat pineapples as a snack. You can also grill it to make a roasted pineapple dish or use it as a dessert. People often use pineapple tidbits for baking cakes or to make a Pina colada smoothie. You can eat it alone, with yogurt or in salads. Some people like it on pizza. Well, whatever satisfies your taste bud. 

Pineapples also known as (Ananas) is delicious tropical fruit that is rich with vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes. They are known to improve digestion, boost immune system and build strong bones. More interesting fact is that pineapples are low in calories despite their sweetness. 

Table of content: 

  • What is the season for pineapples?
  • How to peel a pineapple?
  • What are the health benefits of pineapples?
  • How to celebrate Pineapple National Day?

What is the season for pineapples?

Pineapple takes 18 months to form a fruit. It is originated from South America and Philippines. It is named because of its shape that resembles pinecone. Pineapple season is mostly from April to May. Fresh Pineapples are not available for 12 months. That is the reason you often find only canned pineapples. Some well-known brands like Dole, Del-monte and passion84 are the trusted manufacturers of canned pineapples. 

How to peel a pineapple?

Peeling a pineapple is quite difficult. Take a big knife and cut both ends of the pineapple and discard them. Use cutting board to stand pineapple up. Now cut off the peel from all around. Remove deep eyes of pineapple with the knife tip. Now cut them into 4 pieces or according to your choice. Slice each section in half or third. Turn the slices and cut again according to your desired chunks. Pineapple slices is the best choice if you just want to eat them alone. 

What are the health benefits of pineapples?

Pineapple are known for their taste, but most of the people are not aware of its health benefits at all. It is packed with nutritional benefits naturally, with variety of vitamins, enzymes that can help against diseases. Its health benefits will amaze you. Pineapple benefits for skin and hair are also incredible.

However, you enjoy them it’s up to you: here are the health benefits of pineapples:

Loaded with nutrients:

Pineapples are god-gifted, they are full of nutrients. A cup of pineapple contains 130 percent of the daily intake of vitamin C and almost 70 percent of manganese. Still, it only contains 82.5 percent of calories. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is required by our body to perform many functions. Like, it helps in growth, provide support to immune system. It can also absorb iron from food you eat to keep your skin looking younger and beautiful. Manganese in pineapples helps in metabolism. 

Contain disease fighting antioxidants: 

Along with nutrients, pineapples are also rich with antioxidants.  These are basically the molecules that help your body to fight against stress. It may also help to support your immune system thus allowing your body to fight against different types of disease. Pineapple may also help to fight against the cancer. 

Helps in digestion:

Bromelain in pineapples facilitate digestion. It is a particular useful for those people with pancreatic insufficiency. It is the conditions where your pancreas cannot produce the digestive enzymes. It break down the protein molecules into smaller pesticides and amino acids that help in easy digestion. 

Low calories, high fibers:

Pineapples are low in calories but contains many fibers. That’s why they are supposed to provide weight loss advantages. A cup of pineapple contains only 83 calories, while 2.81 grams of fiber. The fiber rich property will help you to stay full for long time. It is best snack for those who are trying to get rid of extra fats.  

Pineapple may provide skin and hair benefits:

Pineapple is best for hair and skin health as well. According to some research, it may help to cure skin diseases like acne. It may also help to heal wounds quickly. It is because of the enzymes in pineapple that accelerates the healing process. The collagen present in pineapples gives your skin soft and smooth texture. 

May help to strengthen your teeth and gums:

Pineapples contains manganese that can help to grow strong bones so they are good for your gums and teeth. Its acidity may also help to remove build-up plague in gums and prevent bacteria growth in your mouth. 

How to celebrate Pineapple National Day?

Pineapple national day is celebrated in most parts of the world. It is celebrated by consuming this delicious fruit in any way. It is also called International pineapple day. It is observed to be celebrated on June 6th in 2020. Just have in the famous American style: upside down cake. It can be prepared by using pineapple slices. You can also have a cup fill of pineapple chunks, it will be fun on pineapple day.