More and more girls and women are passionate about technology, information technology and the world of video games, thickening the ranks of nerds around the world. And what to give to these fantastic women?

To help you we have decided to write a list including all the best technological gifts for her, containing numerous different articles that can be adapted to each different type of person.

Christmas, communions and birthdays will never be a problem again thanks to these original and surprising technological gift ideas! But let’s not lose and let’s go shopping!



First in this list of gift ideas for technology-loving girls, is the  Tag , as we find  technological gifts . This smart gadget is suitable for all women and girls who forget the keys around the house.

The Filo Tag, in fact, is nothing more than an object locator that you can easily connect to your Smartphone, both IOS and Android, Mouse, so as to easily trace the object on the application map. A comfortable and smart gift to never lose your keys again!

And it can also be used to find your phone!



If you want to give a gift to a sporty girl who loves technology, the most appropriate gift is certainly one of the many fitness trackers that have been depopulating in recent years! Among the many smart watches for sportsmen, we recommend, among all, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, one of the cheapest but at the same time of better quality fitness tracker.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 combines the simple and elegant line, very suitable for a female target, with the great quality of the Xiaomi brand, creating an excellent fitness tracker that, despite the really low price, acts both as a heart rate monitor and as a monitor for sleep and sleep. Movement, thanks to the integrated sensors.



The great return of this last decade is vintage photography, first of all instant photography. Technology has played a big role in this flashback, creating instant digital cameras, models that reproduce the shape and design lines of vintage models, except for mounting digital technologies.

Among the analogue, and cheaper, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 stands out, a camera loved above all by the female audience, who more and more often appropriates it to photograph unforgettable moments.

This camera has a very good quality print and a very nice and fun aesthetic line. A perfect technological gift for women of all ages, especially teenagers.


The penultimate technological gift idea for her is Parrot Pop. Are you wondering what it is? Let me explain!

Parrot Pop is an intelligent technological vase, a small support for those who love nature and plants and want to cultivate this passion despite the short time or the thumb of all colors except the green one. This pot is equipped with 4 intelligent sensors that allow you to measure the internal and external environmental values ​​of the Parrot Pop to make the plant grow healthy, that is: humidity, fertilizer, temperature and light.

To manage it all is a convenient Smartphone application that communicates with the pot via Bluetooth, so you always know what the health of the plant is. A brilliant idea that combines the passion for greenery and technology, as well as a hi-tech gift that you will surely appreciate!


Last but not least, a gift that is simply one of a kind and, to say the least, fantastic, or the Moleskin smart writing set, one of the most loved and collected brands by girls all over the world.

This intelligent writing set includes a Moleskin tablet, an agenda and a Smart Pen Ellipse that allow you to digitize in real time everything that is drawn, written and pinned directly on the tablet / Smartphone in which the application is installed.

In this way you can pin everything on sheets and agendas while preserving the traditional experience of writing but digitizing everything in real time, so that you can edit and rework it. A perfect technological gift for women and girls who love writing and / or drawing.



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