Ptcl broadband WiFi settings

PTCL is {Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} telecommunication services which give net facility to individuals in whole Pakistan. to urge your operating net association of broadband they furnish you a broadband device referred to as electronic equipment that converts the analog signal to digital and the other way around. By mistreatment broadband association you’ll modification your net setting in some ways.

broadband setting

You can share your net reference to your friend’s thanks to the on the market ports on electronic equipment. You shared a net reference to your friends or loved one will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} apply time restriction on that in order that they can solely use my net association at from this point to the present time. Otherwise, they’ll be in block state from the net.

You will conjointly see those who are mistreatment your Wi-Fi otherwise you can block them by their mackintosh address.

Why ought to I block I apply time restriction to my user.
You are oldsters in your home and your youngster’s ar use net or play games online most and that they are trifling and that they ought to do study permanently grades. otherwise, you would like high information measure for your work and wish to transfer top quality movies, therefore, you block all different user to urge full network speed.

How to apply time restriction on PTCL broadband.
This is terribly straightforward by doing this you’ll stop somebody mistreatment net UN agency AR connected together with your electronic equipment.


To open Ptcl broadband WiFi settings click on and you will redirect to this link

Type default user name and countersign of your electronic equipment.
Got advance setting.
Press advance setup from left facet bar.
Then click on time restriction.
Here you’ll add or take away your user that you wish to prevent mistreatment your net.
To stop somebody net click on add button and so take away browser mackintosh address and kind in different mackintosh Address field your user PC mackintosh address.
See individuals the way to grasp your friend mackintosh address
Put their mackintosh address you’ll set days and kind begin time and finish time .the time format is in twenty-four hours for instance from 00:00 to 23: 59. It means this user is absolutely blocked for the whole day.
Click on apply/save.
Congratulation you stop your user to use your broadband association.

This is easy broadband electronic equipment setting and tutorial to be told a lot of and perceive watch the given video.


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