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A look into the history of ResetEra.

ResetEra is a video gaming forum that was established in 2015. It has become the most popular video game forum with over 100,000 daily users. At first, when the forum started to grow exponentially, the admins did not really know the type of people they would attract. So they decided to ask their users what they wanted the forum to be.

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ResetEra is a forum community for gamers. It’s not just a place to talk about video games and share information, it’s also a place where you can find people with similar interests and passions. It’s a community for people who love video games, and it’s a community for people who love video games. ResetEra was founded in 2016 by Niero and Justin Carmical, and the forum has been growing ever since. It’s a pretty young community, but it’s already reputed to be one of the better communities around. The community is at over 600,000 members and there are over 2.5 million posts on the forum. ResetEra also has a YouTube channel, a Twitch channel, and a Twitter account.

More about the company who formed ReserEra NeoGAF

eSports: hot or not?

eSports has been a hot topic for quite a few years now, but there are still some people who just don’t get the hype. If you’re not familiar with eSports, it is a competitive video gaming scene where professional gamers battle it out for cash prizes and a chance to be the best at their game. Some games are more popular than others, with League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO topping the list. The eSports scene is booming right now, with the prize money and viewership numbers growing every year. The first eSports tournament was held in 1980, with the winner taking home $2000 and a trip to Space Camp. Today, the winner of the League of Legends World Championship can take home $1.4 million in prize money, while the winner of the Intel Extreme Masters can take home $600,000. You can talk all about esports on ResetEra.

This is where you can find any in-game items you want to buy or sell.

Is video gaming a sport?

It’s a debate as old as time. On one side, you have people who say that video gaming isn’t a sport. It’s just a hobby. It requires just as much skill and dedication as any other sport. Of course, it isn’t an activity that most people would typically associate with the word “sport” — but is it really that different? In a way, yes. Video gaming isn’t like an activity where you run or jump or swim. But it is an activity that combines reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and advanced strategies. Sure, there are professional gamers who play video games for a living. But there are also professional athletes who play video games, too.

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Video gaming has taken the world by storm over the last decade, with some predicting that the industry will reach $138 billion in revenue by 2020. With the popularity of gaming growing, it’s only natural that it is becoming more socially accepted. The term “eSports” is used to describe video game competitions and is a rapidly growing industry with both professional and amateur gamers around the world. In the past, the term “sport” was used to describe physical activities that required physical exertion and training, usually in the form of a team. This definition has been challenged as technology advances and sports gain popularity as spectator sports. Some sports, like chess and poker, are also played virtually and are growing in popularity.

Conclusion: Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, growing by the day. If you’re looking to enter the industry, the best place to start is here. ResetEra is the best video game forum right now.

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