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True game data – Calculate game stats 

True game data – Calculate game stats 

True game data is a perfect place to calculate stats like Recoil Plotting, Advanced TTK Calculator, Advanced DPS Calculator, Damage per Mag, Premium Profiles, Best TTK Lookup, and More!

What is True game data?

All of the games you love and play. You can build loadouts of warzone and all the other games on the website.

Is True game data Trusted?

Yes it is, and all of the work is being done by a freelancer and you should check it out.


I have experience with designing information examinations and back-end advancement. I took every one of the information for truegamedata at 240 Hz/FPS utilizing 240FPS video accounts to get the most dependable potential information. Kristina knows quite a bit about designing and front-end improvement. She planned and fostered the front finish of truegamedata. You can watch her gushing on her jerk channel or view her portfolio here.


I love Warzone and am fixated on having the best arrangements I can to dominate matches. I began doing in-game testing and diagramming in Excel to achieve this and on one occasion it hit me – – in the event that I needed these graphs and couldn’t find them anyplace, why not simply construct it myself? There must be others that needed something almost identical.


I’m presently doing independent programming full time – – assuming you have any ventures you are keen on chipping away at with me, you can contact me at the email interface beneath. I’m as of now fabricating my portfolio site which ought to be up in the following month or something like that.

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