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Valuedopinions is a site where you can take surveys and get paid for them.

Valued opinions is a main internet-based local area where your perspectives count. You can partake in paid web-based overviews and procure extraordinary compensations from driving brands.

Are Valued Opinions reliable?

Valued opinionss are claimed by Dynata Global (recently known as Research Now) which was established in 1999. It has been around for many years now and is a legitimate statistical surveying organization that claims and runs a few study boards from one side of the planet to the other

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WhoIs Information Valuedopinions
Registered : No
Domain age : 18 Years 3 Months 20 Days
Tech email :
Name servers :
Created at : 09-Mar-2004
Changed at : 05-Mar-2022
Expire at : 09-Mar-2023
Registrant name : Domain Administrator
Admin name : Domain Administrator
Registrant country : US
Admin country : US
Registrant phone : +1.2143655000
Admin phone : +1.2143655000
Moz information Valuedopinions
Subdomain normalized : 3.876042366
Subdomain raw : 0.3876042068
Url normalized : 5.099999905
Url raw : 0.5099999905
Http status code : 404
Domain authority : 39
Page authority : 51
External quality link : 5573
Links : 8406
Link information Valuedopinions
Backlink count : 5,573
Total link count : 8,406
Mozrank : 5.099999905

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Performance : 40.32 

Emulated Form Factor Mobile Valuedopinions
Locale En-US Valuedopinions
Category Performance Valuedopinions

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Over the last 30 days, the field data shows that this page has an Moderate speed compared to other pages in the Chrome User Experience Report. We are showing The 75th percentile of FCP and The 95th percentile of FID

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1757 ms 

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20 ms 

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First Contentful Paint (FCP)  Valuedopinions

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14 ms 

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3.7 s 

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IP Information
ISP : AS7018 AT&T Services, Inc.
Ip :
City : Plano
Region : Texas
Timezone : America/Chicago
Latitude : 33.0752
Longitude : -96.7843
Sites in Same IP
No data to show
Malware Scan Info
Google safe browser norton : undefined API
Norton : safe
Search Engine Index Info
Google index : 17
Bing index : 0
Yahoo index : About 36 search
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Social Network Information
Facebook share : 11,570 Pinterest Info : 4
Facebook comment : 857 Xing Info : 0
Facebook like : 0 Buffer Info : 0
Reddit Score : 0 Reddit Ups : 0
Reddit downs : 0

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Title Paid Surveys | Take an Online Survey at Valued Opinions
Viewport width=device-width, initial-scale=1
”robots” ”index,follow”
Description Valued Opinions offers paid surveys in gift cards, shopping vouchers and rewards for their opinion. Sign up for free online surveys.
Google-site-verification PesVm78vPJE_oqssWuQwHXzG4PNBrTQXy1kjSNVc2bg

Blocked by robots.txt : No Blocked by meta-robots : No Links nofollowed by meta-robots : No Total keywords : 386

Html headings
1. Share your opinions and get rewarded
1. Take paid online surveys and make your views count
2. Join now to start taking online surveys and earning rewards
3. Drive change through paid surveys, products tests and more
1. Get to know us
2. Great rewards
3. Join us on Facebook
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surveys 2.073 % No
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paid 1.295 % No
credit 1.036 % Yes
opinions 1.036 % No
cards 0.777 % No
time 0.777 % No
Amazoncom 0.777 % No
Macy’s 0.777 % No
brands 0.777 % No
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Valued Opinions 1.295 % No
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credit for 0.518 % No
earning credit 0.518 % No
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== Three words keywords == Valuedopinions
for gift cards 0.777 % No
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Alexa Information –

General information
Domain name : Global Rank : No data
Daily Time on Site : No data Search Traffic : No data
Bounce Rate : No data Total sites link in : No data
Top 5 similar sites by audience overlap
Sl Similar sites Overlap score
No data found!
Top 5 keywords by traffic Valuedopinions
Keywords Search Traffic Share of voice
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Top 4 keyword gaps
Keywords driving traffic to competitors, but not to this site Avg. traffic to competitors Search popularity
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Top 4 easy-to-rank keywords
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Top 3 audience geography Valuedopinions
Visitors by country Visitors by country percentage
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