How to set up Chess Board – The Comprehensive Guide

How to set up Chess Board? First of all, let’s talk a little about chess.

Chess has been around and played for centuries, some people find the game interesting and some just play for fun.

If you want to play chess, the first thing you need to know is how to set up a chess Board. 

This Guide will show you how to do that.

  • The main thing is which side of the board is correct so Put the chess board down in a way that the white squares in the Botton right corner.
  • First of all, take the pawns because they are large in number and put them in the second row of both sides of the chess board. It will be easy to put other pieces after that.
  • The Rooks will go in the corner of the board and for reference, their shape is castle-like.
  • The Knight which is in the shape of a horse will go next to the rooks.
  • The next piece which is Bishop will go next to Knight and they also separate the king and queen from the other pieces.
  • The queen is the only piece in the chess that cares about the place she put on, so be careful and put the queen in her right place, to remember easily, the white queen will go in the light colour square and vice versa.
  • The Last Square will be the place where you are going to put King on.

How to Play Chess?

The first thing after you learned How to set up Chess Board is you need to know how to play it. The main thing you did was learned how to set up the chess board, now you need to learn how to play chess and first of all, how to move chess pieces.

Every pie in chess has its own rule and own space to move to and they cannot take other pieces’ space.

The following steps will show you how to move every single chess piece.

Chess Pieces

How to move the King in Chess?

The King moves one square in each direction and is considered the most important piece in chess as well as the weakest.

How to move the Queen in Chess?

The most powerful piece in the whole chess is the Queen, which can move one square at a time in any direction, Yes, you heard it right, in any direction.

How to move the Rook in Chess?

The Rook can move only in a straight line and it can go as far as it can, just not outside the box.

How to move the Bishop in Chess?

The Bishop mores diagonally and as far as it can.

How to move the Knight in Chess?

The knight is the only piece in the whole chess which moves one square in one direction and two in the other, and in the end, it will make a shape of “L” on the chess board from its original place in any direction.

Chess Pieces

How to move the Pawn in Chess?

Pawns can move in different ways: they move forward. Pawns can only capture diagonally.

Pawns can only move forward one square at a time, but the Fist time they can move two places and it is up to the player.

How to Get the King out of Check?

The check is a word used when you are on the verge of losing a game, or the other way.

There are some ways which can help your King  get out of check

1:Move the king out of the way.

2: Place another piece in the way of check to block it.

3: Capture the price that is about to check the King.

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